Anonymous Plan to Redistribute Wealth Through New Project

In the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests, the familiar Anonymous caricature of Guy Fawkes has reappeared — multiple times, according to the hacktivist group. But is Anonymous back? And if so, how has it changed from its heyday a decade ago?

On May 28, Anonymous posted a video explaining that it would be targeting police departments across the United States. "We will be exposing your many crimes to the world," the computerized narrator said.

Two high-profile incidents followed. The group claimed responsibility on May 30 for taking down the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) website, this was then followed by the announcement that they will be targeting social media app TikTok following reports of data misuse by the Chinese based firm.

Now, they have taken things on step further, in a Robin Hood style venture in which they plan to redistribute wealth across the globe.

The group have said that they want to move wealth away from the 1% by launching a new website and mobile app which will help people make money online without requiring any special skills! According to the group, they believe that everyone should be able to afford what every they desire, and this should not be dictated by their social standing in life.

The site itself is called Casumo and there is a generous "Launch Week Only" offer - $500 free and 20 free spins on your first deposit, so you can spend the day testing the new app, to prove its legitimacy.

The brand new and unique game is for now exclusive to Canada. The amount of money that can be won grows continually thanks to technology which the group have developed which automatically trades stocks on international markets and puts the earnings in the jackpot bucket, hence moving money away from the richest 1% in the world. The best part is that there is no special strategy or talent involved, so everyone has a fair chance! For example, William from Montreal already won 630,000 dollars on the day of the launch with a small $45 deposit. Now he's planning on moving to Europe.

"We guarantee you: after you have played the game and won, you will quit your job immediately. Today is best day to sign up, because those bonuses won't last forever! As soon as you have won the jackpot you can leave all your problems behind, pack your things and drink cocktails for the rest of your life", The group added.

Casumo Casino offers games with a 127-fold increase of chances to win millions compared to other online jackpot games. This is possible because Casumo Casino is linked to a patented algorithm that is simultaneously active on 74 stock markets, making millions every day in trades.

"We want everyone to no longer worry about earning money. Its time everyone can earn some extra Money on the side too. This is why we launched the app. You yourself can become a millionaire thought this game within just a few minutes," They say.

"Casumo Casino is really revolutionary – someone wins a life changing amount of money every 12 Minutes on average, meaning they no longer need to worry about money," he adds.

Anonymous are keeping their promise. Players have won more than $7,299,473 since his app was announced earlier today. Within the last week alone (during the exclusive beta testing) 3 players won 1 million dollars through the Majestic game.

The first player is William, who had been mentioned at the beginning of this article. He won 2.63 million dollars last week, without investing a single cent.

Cade Colton is another lucky winner. He earned 4.13 million dollars with the investment of only 80 dollar. He quit his job the second the money was transferred onto his account.

"After you’ve won, the money is transferred to your account very quickly. You just choose your preferred method of transfer and you will receive the money within 24 hours. Then you can spend it as you please", says Anonymous.

Follow these steps in order to get $500 free and 20 free spins, win millions and change your life:

1. Visit the official Website of Casumo Casino.

2. Fill in the required information and double check everything.

3. Make a small deposit of at least $20 or more to claim your $500 free and 20 free spins. Thanks to the multiplied bonus, the more you deposit, the more FREE money you receive and you get a higher chance to hit it big!

4. Play until you are happy with how much you have won.

Casumo Casino is a registered casino in Canada and everyone is allowed to play, as long as you are 18 or over.

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